Saturday, May 28, 2016

Public Cruises start May 5th, 2016

Please Call: (651) 436-8883

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Afton Princess

Afton Princess - 137 Passenger Vessel - 100 seating capacity

  • The Afton Princess is an elegant 80' cruiser.
  • 40-137 Passengers, 40 person minimum
  • Catering by Afton House Inn.
  • Full Dinner/Custom Menus or Hors d'oeuvres
  • $460.00 per hr./min. of 2 1/2 hrs.

In addition...

A non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your date.

Rates are for actual "Cruising" time. Boarding begins 15 minutes prior to departure for Sweet Afton and Afton Princess, 30 minutes prior for Grand Duchess. We allow 15 minutes on Sweet Afton and Afton Princess following your cruise for guest departure and removal of equipment and personal belongings. We allow 30 minutes on The Grand Duchess.

Passenger & food guarantee 10 days in advance. Minimum food requirement $10.95 per person Sunday -Friday daytime; Friday night and Saturday Day & Evening, $15.95 per person.

Please advise your guests to wear comfortable attire with soft-soled shoes.
Light fog & drizzle are not considered cause for cancellation as the vessels have ample indoor space. Cancellation due to severe weather is at the discretion of the Captain.

For reservations or further information, contact us at: 651-436-8883 or e-mail

Must be purchased through the Afton House Inn. Sorry no outside catering allowed. However you are allowed to bring in your own cake.

On all of our boats we provide silk centerpieces on all tables. If you would like to bring in your own, we will be happy to remove ours. Please inquire about our vendor list that has a variety of florists to choose from.

Our charter yachts are decorated with Italian sconces, brass ceilings and beautiful anchor carpeting. The Grand Duchess and Afton Princess include table linen cloths. If you would like to bring banners, table favors or place cards, flowers, etc., you are permitted to do so. Confetti, glitter and tape are prohibited.

Bar Arrangements
We do not have a bar minimum on our vessels. We do require the bar to be available to your guests. The bar arrangements are up to you, your choice.
Cash Bar Each guest pays for their own beverages ordered at the bar
Host Bar The host pays for the bar.
Host all beverages entire cruise time
Host all beverages for a time frame
Host certain beverages, for example beer and pop only
Mix and match any of the above
Host Bar then Cash Your bar can be hosted for a time frame, then cash bar after
Drink Tokens We will provide Afton * Hudson Cruise Lines wooden drink tokens. The token is good for any beverage ordered or you can choose what you would like the token to be used for: pop, beer, wine, wine coolers or mixed drinks. The token is worth the value of the drink ordered.

St. Croix River Charter Cruises departing from the Afton, MN & Hudson, WI. We have 3 beautiful river boats, our boats accommodate groups of 10-350 guests for public & private cruises. We offer Public Brunch, Lunch & Dinner Cruises & Private Charter Cruises Mid April-October